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If you been referred to this page, in answer to a email you posted on vxl-users, then please read the whole page carefully. It should tell you where to find an answer, or explain how to rewrite your email so that your question can be usefully answered.

If you are new to VXL and are looking for some basic help on posting to vxl-users, then we hope that this answers your questions. Please do ask your questions on the vxl-users mailing list, taking account of the vxl-users list policy below.

vxl-users Mailing List Policy

vxl-users is staffed by volunteers
vxl-users is frequented by other users of VXL, including the authors and maintainers of VXL. All of these people are volunteers, and none of them are paid to help you solve your problem. The advice in this policy is designed to make it easier for those with problems to get useful answers from these volunteers.
Please do not email individual developers
The individual developer may be on holiday, busy, or lacking knowledge in your problem area. By mailing vxl-users, your question will receive a larger audience, and a more timely answer.
Please try to solve your problem yourself before posting
Please avoid asking questions that can trivially be answered by searching the documentation. "How do I usevil_image_view?" can be answered by reading the vil chapter in the VXL book, and the class documentation. Please also check the vxl-users FAQ. In general, if you can't be bothered to spend time on solving your own problem, we are not likely to waste time helping you.
Please do not use HTML email
Some members of vxl-users do not use HTML-friendly email readers. Since you are asking for their help, please post in raw text, otherwise they may well ignore your email.
Non-member posts are vetted
You do not have to be a member of vxl-users to post to it. However, non-member posts are vetted by the list administrators, to screen out SPAM. It may take a few days for such email to be posted, and occasionally they may be accidentally rejected. If you want to avoid delay, or guarantee you message gets posted, please join the list as a member.
Please avoid general computing questions
vxl-users is aimed at VXL-specific problems. If you have a general computing or programming problem, please ask a competent local programmer. We may not take the time to answer questions such as
I have successfully built VXL but when I try to use it within my own programs, I get a "include file not found", "unresolved symbol", etc.
as they can usually be easily fixed by a programmer familiar with your environment. If you are a competent programmer, and you think there is a real problem, please do post an email with all the relevant information.
Please tell us if your problem is solved
If your problem is solved, please tell the whole list. This avoids anyone working unnecessarily on your problem. Please do not post lots of problems in succession, before telling us that your earlier ones are fixed. Solving one problem, may make the rest go away. On top of that, the list members are human and appreciate the occasional bit of thanks.
How to structure a problem or bug report
Please phrase your questions as precisely as possible. If in doubt, be verbose. "I can't compile VXL—please help" is not going to get a (useful) answer.
Always tell us the:
  • The compiler name and version.
  • The OS name and version.
  • The VXL version number, or the Git revision.
If you have a problem while running CMake, tell us:
  • CMake version number.
  • Any modifications you made to the default settings.
  • The full error—use cut&paste.
If you get a compiler or linker error while building VXL, tell us:
  • The compiler or linker command line issued by make, or MS developer studio.
  • The full error and context—use cut&paste.
If you get a test program error while running it, tell us:
  • The test you were running.
  • Any special compiler options your used (e.g. optimisations).
  • The full error and context, and all of the test's output leading up to that—use cut&paste.
If you get a compiler or linker error while trying to use VXL with your own code, tell us:
  • The simplest piece of your code that invokes the error—use cut&paste.
  • The compiler or linker command line issued by make, or MS developer studio—use cut&paste.
  • The full error—use cut&paste.
If your own program uses VXL, and you have a run-time problem, tell us:
  • The simplest piece of your code that invokes the error—use cut&paste.
  • Instrument your program, outputting any relevant variables to the console—use cut&paste.
Any other relevant evidence.

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